A camp for kids to learn cooperation, creativity, and have some fun! For one week they’ll work together to write and create a play. We’ll learn about the art of storytelling. Each child will be part of the storyline and create their own character. Along the way we’ll learn about music as the kids will write all the songs and create background music for the play. We’ll create puppet actors for our play, working with several art forms including, sculpture, paper-mache, painting, and more in a really cool historic Carnegie library building! On the last day we’ll present our play via Facebook Live for our at-home audience to enjoy.

Summer Puppet Theater Kids Camp: a fun week long adventure for kids ages 8 – 13 to ignite your child’s imagination with art, music, creativity and fun!

Dates: August 5th – 9th from 9am – 4:00pm

What to bring / wear: Dress for a mess as we’ll be working with paper mache, paints and have daily outdoor time. Bring your own lunch and we’ll provide a healthy snack every day. The camp is limited to eight kids so they will all have a chance to form new friendships, interact and create some great memories!

What to expect: Each day in the morning, our music teacher, Vivian Lark of Music Lessons for All, will work with the kids to write and create a script, with music and songs for a puppet show to be held on Friday afternoon. The kids will work together and collaborate on the script, developing their characters and roles – and writing songs to go along with the show! Along the way they’ll learn about writing and performing music.

Every afternoon we’ll work on creating our puppet characters for the show. We will problem solve the storyline of the play as we develop our characters. Along the way they’ll learn about acting, theater and art. We’ll use paper maché, paints, paper clay, fabric and ‘bits and bobs’ to make colorful puppets to act in our puppet show! Then we’ll broadcast the show on facebook live for everyone to enjoy! (no children’s faces will be shown in the production, just puppets and music)

The cost of the camp is $375. Includes all supplies, daily snack and an unforgettable experience in creativity, collaboration, art, music and fun! Upon acceptance and confirmation we will send an invoice for payment, due July 1, 2024. Send in your application information early to insure a spot.

We have received a grant from the Carl & Verna Schmidt Foundation to provide a limited number of scholarships. There is a short request for information in the camp application form. If applying for a scholarship, you may be asked to provide additional financial information about your family’s situation

If accepted all children will complete a short medical questionnaire in case of allergies, health concerns or medications, and to provide emergency contact information.

photo credits: Allison Freeman, Cleverpatch Crafternoons, Ildi M

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