Clay Studio Memberships

Crossings Clay Studio was created to allow clay artists and potters of all levels to explore their creativity in a supportive environment.

We have 12 Brent pottery wheels, slab roller, wedging table, extruder, several work areas for hand-building and glazing. We stock a nice variety of Amaco, Coyote and Laguna glazes and fire to cone 6 in our electronically controlled Skutt kiln. We carry several different clay bodies – Buff Stoneware, Red Iron, Mid-Fire White and more. We have tools to borrow and tools for sale and are ready to help you create!

Whether you are a beginner with no experience or an advanced potter we are here for you. With regularly scheduled classes and available instructors for one-to-one sessions, we’ll provide the support you need to hone your skills on the wheel, practice surface decoration and experiment with different glaze techniques. All members will receive an orientation to the studio so they will be better equipped for success.

The advantages of becoming a clay studio member are more than just access to equipment and workspace – you’ll be joining a clay community where ideas, inspiration and laughter are generously shared.
Members all receive a dedicated shelf to store their own clay and tools, access to the studio 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. If there is a class going on, there are different areas to work where you’ll be able to find focus and get into your creative flow.

Monthly Membership Cost
  • $60/ for single person
  • $80/ for two individuals from same household
  • $100/ for families

All members pay a refundable deposit of $100 which is refunded at the time of cancellation when your shelf is clean and key is returned following our member policy.
Additional fees include glaze cost .10/ sq inch, with no additional charge for glazes.


What if I am not ready to be a member, can I just come in to try it out? Yes! We have day passes available, starting at $20/ day.

Can I bring a friend with me and can they try out the studio? Due to insurance liabilities, anyone working in the studio must be a member or signed up for a day pass, you’ll need to contact us and let us know ahead of time they are coming and then yes!

What if I try it and don’t like it – can I cancel my membership at any time? Yes! Our member contracts are on a month – to – month basis so you can cancel anytime.

Can I bring children to the studio? Due to the fragile nature of pottery & clay, we ask that all members be 12 or over and that all children be supervised while in the studio. That being said, we do offer classes just for kids of all ages! Many of our members found their love of clay as children in school and helping people nurture their creativity is our main goal!

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